Nothing Is Useless outside Wagga

Spent the weekend in Oura working with Realartworks on a new exhibition of their Nothing Is Useless project, which will be in the Wagga Art Gallery in October.

Last year I traveled to Lismore and experienced the Useless workshop which developed work for the first project and, in 2012, I contributed to a soundtrack that accompanied an earlier exhibition in Wagga.

There were many inspiring people involved and I really enjoyed jamming and conversing with the other musicians. This braille-writer instrument was really cool and percussive in a flatulent sorta way.

Also enjoyed this device for scanning and speaking text. It was very musical as the pitch could be adjusted to tune a heavily reverberant voice into a kind of resonator effect. When the speed was increased and the keyboard input was overloaded it glitched in a glorious way.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together with a TARDIS-like console currently under construction for exhibition visitors to explore the various pieces of hacked and surplus gadgetry, while reflecting on obsolescence and consumerism within our capitalist society.