May I share Marissa Lico

Here's some of my work for Western Riverina Arts, where I am helping to raise the profile of local artists.

Selections from Griffith-based photographer Marissa Lico's 'Familiar Strangers' series are currently on display in Western Riverina Arts' windows.

The 2012 series of photographs capture scenes of people using mobile devices in public. "My intention was to capture and document a common contemporary gesture with mobile phones in public spaces," Lico said.

"While a few of the general public were fairly attentive and anxious when they realised they were captured in a photograph, the majority were so engrossed and preoccupied with their devices that they were entirely unaware of their gesture being the prime focus."

Art reflects society and documentary photography is one medium where this role is central, particularly when identifying a trend. Marissa Lico has a passion for documenting gesture and body language among aspects of ordinary life.

"What I admire most about photography is the beauty of irreplaceable time, where unique moments are captured and will never occur again. That spontaneous connection that transpires then and there, between the eye, lens and subject, is a gift I don't take for granted."

Lico developed her photographic practise through studies at the Australian National University School of Art. She cites the work of a number of photographers as inspiring 'Familiar Strangers', including Anne Zahalka, Martyn Jolly, Beat Streuli and Henry Cartier Bresson.