The year didn't really go to plan on here.

It started with an ambition to keep increasing my blog posts and now, as it ends, I'm realising my Bassling blog may overtake this one for output in 2014.

In part it's because I've been focusing more on producing audio and have spent less time documenting passing interests on here.

Another part might be the demise of blogging, a trend I've resisted but can see that other websites have stolen a lot of the audience.

Why have a one-sided conversation on here when I can get a better response on Facebook? (Well, sometimes I want a one-sided conversation, I guess; and other times I use this site as a way to capture stuff.)

Anyway, this year was a good year for my audio productions. A few tracks came out on US-based releases, as well as a couple of self-produced ones.

Another highlight was remixing an apple for the Art Misadventure #3 exhibition at The Roxy.

Western Riverina Arts commissioned me to create a soundtrack for their Reimagining the Murrumbidgee exhibition and then gave me a part-time job, duties for which included designing the catalogue and promoting the show.

I returned to the playgrounds to produce more material for the Centenary of Leeton although I ditched the idea of screening in The Roxy and organised projections on a couple of water towers, like Metropolis in 2011.

The album WHILE brought together some of the better tracks produced for the first 100 Disquiet Juntos.

And I experimented with producing videos for the Junto but found not every project suited this medium.

At the beginning of the year I also experimented with keeping a sketchbook diary and published a few examples. It was fun but time-consuming, though I'm considering returning to the activity next month.

Experimentation continued with reviews of alcoholic drinks in haiku poetry:
The pop and the fizz
illustrate detonating
deeply tanned berries

Moonlighting as a small business called Witch Media led me to make a TVC for Bidgee Binge which put my bass-playing on air, a track that resulted from a Junto.

Yeah, it's been a good year. You can find a bit more about my 2013 here and it will explain these 12 five-second sections of audio:

All the best in 2014 :)