How to compliment an Australian

There's a lot of coarse language in this video. Blue language, which makes me wonder if that's what they mean when they say 'true blue Australian'.

On one level Neel is making an astute observation, with a good delivery of accents too. On another level it makes me wonder if this shows a kind of linguistic dimension to the Australian identification with the underdog. A nation born as a prison colony that seem to like making a virtue of opposition, like the mythologising of Ned Kelly. What more would you expect from the antipodes?

One suspects that Neel's observation that insulting language is used for an endearing effect downunder will be criticised for belittling Australians because he's an outsider and, quite obviously, a wanker given his keen ear. Jerry Seinfeld has yet to return since local media heckled him for calling Melbourne the "asshole of the world" -- which is the sort of thing someone from Sydney can get away with as rivalry but from a New Yorker it's just downright insulting.