On spirituality

The other day I asked Who made God? and when I answered I didn't really finish my view of the subject, mostly because it was a four-panel comic inspired by some Japanese manga I've been reading:

(It helps if you read it in the Japanese style, right to left.) Anyway, the train of thought started earlier, as you can see in my sketchbook diary entry on 13 January.


When I shared my entry around the topic got a couple of responses on the Ninja Tune Forum, a corner of the internet I've been frequenting for more than a decade now.

George Lazenby wrote "God exists outside of space and time so the question doesn't really make any sense."

Erg responded to this that "That's just the same as saying God doesn't exist, IMO."

To which Lazenby replied quoting Einstein that "The difference between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

My own opinion is that God is inside us and only exists through belief -- literally within a person's head.

Maybe I should see if MRI scans show particular parts of the brain are stimulated when thinking about God? Because I'd be happy to point to that region and see religion.

There are some very persuasive views for supernatural powers but I'm happy to let people power their own religious discourse. This is an idea that allows me to reconcile my Quaker upbringing with my atheism because I believe God is a little corner in my consciousness. Quaker meetings are pretty cool and I really like their focus on reflection. Sometimes I like to visit there but usually I nurture my spiritual self in other ways.


Edit: My view seems similar to one just put forward by Y Front: "I think faith is the upward emotion that stems from a kind of schizophrenia. Proof of his existence denies faith and therefore is a paradox. God is not just a singularity but a collective expression of many consciences and hope."