'90s Anecdote Generator

I was
  • trying to get away from a scientologist
  • eating at a Hare Krishna joint
  • having a dinner party
  • reading about lipstick lesbianism
  • drinking chai at a warehouse party

  • that early raver
  • that sometime corporate lawyer
  • that drug dealer in school
  • that 'wigga' kid
  • that grunge band

who I haven't seen since they joined a
  • church
  • defence force
  • university
  • public service
  • gym

  • a porno got stuck in the VCR
  • they found a heavy metal t-shirt in the couch
  • we heard Kurt Cobain had died and started crying
  • 'heroin chic' was fashion
  • I saw a laserdisc

and they said
  • "Eat my shorts"
  • "I'd buy that for a dollar"
  • "Not that there's anything wrong with that"
  • "The Truth is out there"
  • "Not!"

  • they dropped their video store card
  • they told me they rollerbladed
  • a nearby payphone rang
  • I found a $2 note
  • my floppy broke