Failed vegan

This February I attempted to follow a vegan diet. I failed, eating meat about half a dozen times and ate dairy products about a dozen times.

I was motivated to restrict the foods I eat for a number of reasons but mostly to see if I could. The foods I most craved were eggs, tuna and cheese but cooking a batch of chocolate brownies last week probably undid me the most.

One good thing about going vegan was avoiding eat crap fried foods and pigging out on cheese, particularly when a platter was presented when I had an empty stomach. One bad thing was I found myself snacking throughout the afternoon and evening. I guess the lack of protein might have contributed to feeling hungry but I'm easily distracted by the thought of eating and have been hanging around the house recently.

Milk was easy enough to replace in a lot things but I'm not happy that soy and rice equivalents are respectively about one and half and twice as expensive, especially since they don't seem to be as effective in tea and coffee. Rice milk is great in fruit smoothies though, adding a silky texture that's much appreciated in the banana and mango drinks I've been enjoying.