Sock sentimentality

These are my favourite socks. They came from my grandfather and I'm told my great-grandmother knitted them for him, which seems like the sort of thing a mother-in-law might've done.

These knitted socks are remarkable for both their age and their comfort. I'm beginning to worry they'll wear out because I wear them at least twice a week.

If anyone knows someone who would knit me socks, I would happily pay a bounty for them as these socks have probably lasted more than one lifetime and make me feel amazingly snug in my boots.

I liked these socks while they lasted. They came to me when I subscribed or resubscribed to, an excellent alternative media.

It's important to support alternatives to the mainstream media in Australia because the newspaper market is dominated by Rupert Murdoch and Fairfax/Rural Press. Crikey appeared a bit over 10 years ago and I remember first reading Stephen Mayne's columns in Private Eye. He's since sold Crikey to the publishers of that magazine.

These socks were a rip-off. I bought them at the National Gallery of Australia's awesome Surrealism exhibition because they were one of the few things in the gift shop I could afford at the time. They wore out very quickly and I'm finally chucking them out.