Simple aeolian harp recording

Hadn't tried this before, ain't too bad. Next I'm going to record the aeolian harp (or 'The Wires') with pick-ups and also through a polystyrene box and compare the results. I've always been a fan of the latter for its character but, after jamming along with drums to Josie bowing on the harp, I'm looking for ways to isolate the sound.

PS: Here's a recording of the wires vibrating and a bit of bowing, through both the guitar pick-ups (left channel) and a SM57 in the polystyrene box (right channel). The two sources complement each other and the polystyrene adds some frequencies between 1-3kHz, which I guess is the warm distorted character I like.

PPS: Here's a tune I made with the recording in the link above. It's a dubby sorta thing that gets a bit dynamic in places.