Pioneer Park Museum now and then

An exhibition of photographs of Griffith’s Pioneer Park Museum in their current location will be shown at the Griffith Regional Theatre Art Space from 18 July to 19 August.

“2016 is a big year for birthdays in this city,” said Museum curator Jason Richardson. “I don't think it's a coincidence the centenary coincides with the 45th birthday of Pioneer Park Museum, an institution that was first recorded in Wade Shire Council's minutes soon after the 50th of Griffith.”

Viewers will see a collection of photographs from the Museum’s archives. The earliest comes from 1971 with construction of an entrance building by the Soroptimist group. In others are many faces of those who have grown and shaped the organisation.

“I’ve heard many local people share their memories of times at the Park,” said Mr Richardson. "Many recount their visits and know people who have volunteered their time to contribute to it’s development.”

“This exhibition shows in a way the hands-on relationship people have with history at Pioneer Park Museum. It’s a place where people have a physical experience of history like walking into the home of a pioneer.”