Holidays in the sun

Last year I found it good to spend the winter school holidays in Queensland.

The alternative can be a kind of cabin fever from being stuck indoors. And Modifyre was on, which was ace.

This year I returned to Modifyre and also Brisbane, where I visited GOMA and stayed in Woolloongabba again.

I had an idea to make music with the noisy taps, though they were less interesting than other sounds in the kitchen once I brought them into Ableton Live.

While at Modifyre I made videos, including one of the photogenic Reynolds Creek.

Then when at Valla Beach I made more, such as the waves one morning.

I've been visiting the beach house for more than a decade now. It's undergone changes and the central stairwell was first added with an extension after a neighbouring house blocked the view. The result was a series of changes up the street, as houses all rose to reclaim their views.

The wires in the portals in the walls of the stairwell were added with a more recent extension. I can't help but pluck on them and the wall cavity is uneven in their resonance. There are a few nice notes among the varying tensions across the wires.