Mona Lisa remix by Neve

From the school work Neve has brought home at the end of the year

Double double entendre

Most writers can manage a double entendre but it's exceptional to slip two into a single headline

Visit to Lake Cowal

It was exciting to visit the "heartland" of the Wiradjuri Nation today, which required driving through water over the unsealed road.

I'd been interested in seeing Lake Cowal after meeting Uncle Neville "Chappy" Williams at Burning Seed and hearing about his efforts to stop mining at the site.

The mining is extensive and is in an area rich with Wiradjuri artifacts, including scar trees and ovens and a burial site.

This image shows a high-watermark on a tree near the Lake.

Glam And Cheese with Kimchi

The second toastie shared by Glam & Cheese sees Ash and Chase joined by Tania, who brings the spice.

Flashback to Henham Rd

Thought this photo at The Irrigator looked familiar

I took it in 2014!

Interstate guests for Remarkable Sandwiches

One of the highlights of Burning Seed this year was meeting the Glam n Cheese crew.

Chase and Ash of Glam n Cheese Toasties agreed to share their herb butter recipe.

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As a kid I would ask my father if we could celebrate Halloween and he'd scoff, saying something about it not being an Australian tradition. 

If I could go back to that conversation I'd point that out he was born in North America.

Now that I have kids I celebrate Halloween with them and it seems to be increasingly part of the Australian calendar. It seems to me an opportunity to meet neighbours.

Another celebration that Australia needs is Thanksgiving.

It would be good to promote thoughts of gratitude and sharing a meal.