Got a nice sunset pic?

If you've taken a nice photograph of a sunset, why not email it to Kate Morell?

I was moved to send a few of my pics to Kate after reading of her wish to see more than 14,000 sunsets before she loses her eyesight to Ushers syndrome.

Projection again

Returned to Wagga Wagga tonight to photograph my projection again, as it's now at something approaching the full size Council is capable of reproducing.

Two years ago

Facebook tells me this was in The Irrigator two years ago.

Hey you kids

Projected in Wagga

See my projection for Wagga Wagga City Council  this month on the side of their Chambers, opposite Wollundry Lagoon.

Here's a short video of how it looks:

Women's rights symbolised with male

The Washington Post Express admit “We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed. We erroneously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.”


I've watched this three times now while showing it to various family members.

Without wanting to give anything away, I think the story is about our escapist tendencies. You've got two characters on an alien world performing strange feats, just so they can escape their reality for a moment. Reminds me of many activities.

Surprisingly tasty sandwich

Pine Trees against a Red Sky with Setting Sun

Hadn't seen this Vincent Van Gogh painting before today.

'Pine Trees against a Red Sky with Setting Sun' was painted in November 1889, which surprises me as the colour looks like summer. It could even be a local setting with cypress pines on a dusty day during harvest, when the sky gets a bright yellow quality.

For many years I didn't understand the popularity of Van Gogh's art. Then I visited Chicago and stood in front of a few of his paintings at the Art Institute. Then I went back and stood there again. And then again, thanks to Grandma's membership. It's quite easy to get lost in those hypnotising brushstrokes.

There's something like a Japanese woodcut about this image too.

Devices versus people

A lot of people are sharing variations of this video where Simon Sinek discusses "Millenials."

One version of the video literally frames the discussion with the text "THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS GENERATION !!"

Talking in generations, like "Millenials," always feels like a generalisation to me. So Sinek seems to make generalisations about generalisations. Or at least, that's how he's being represented.

I think there's merit in his identification of the addictive nature of digital devices and social media but wish it was framed in another conversation as it's relevant to a wider audience.

One friend has been delighting in responding with images of people with their heads buried in newspapers, demonstrating that social media and its distracting nature has been with us for centuries.

My response has been that a newspaper doesn't usually interrupt my conversation with a friend. I still find it rude to be talking with someone and have them answer a call without acknowledging that they're doing so.

I've written and spoken about 'digital capacity' but maybe it's time to think in terms of 'digital incapacity'?

Another friend recently returned to social media after taking a fortnight break over Christmas. He wrote about the experience as a "reset," which seems like a good approach to dealing with a potentially addictive behaviour.