It's a weird word to put on a clock, no?

At first I thought it was ironic, but now I'm wondering if it is a message that's perfectly suited for this holiday home where I'm currently residing.


Thought I found a piece of Nutrigrain on the beach

This reminds me of a friend who listed a piece on Ebay because it looked like E.T. 

It sold and the buyer didn't pay, but TV shows started a bidding war for an interview on their programs!

Just be

It amused me to see this ad

Something about how the text promotes the variety of glasses and colours, while saying "the world will adjust" I guess. 

Yet the message suggests there's something inherent in being a surname!

I suppose it's one area in life that's prescribed.

Gentle Sentinel

Yesterday I had an urge to write a song and the following lyrics arrived on the page

As river red gums placed on the plains for many centuries
my life as a eucalypt that knows the river flows across a wide red land
in squiggles of creeks, still of billabongs and in hills of sand
waters have wandered and cast aside the few sentinels that stand

Along these ways Gugabul the mighty cod is known to journey home
over one hundred kilometres to a river bend they know
do the fish know sometimes we seek a truth when the answer will wait
at a place we've known and in absence has grown my love
absence has grown my love

Gentle sentinel
standing through time
roots laid in the dark
holder of the heart

In darkness of the soil our roots are intertwined
through the vastness of the ground I found a reservoir await
with my fingers I create the boundary of my physical state
cupped as a vessel sailing the curves of the hills we overtake

Hot winds blow with the hard light of the sun
the excited chatter of birds that know no one
don't let jealousy tremble your limbs as a leaf would shake
you only need to fear what the axe can take my love
fear what the axe can take my love

Three Body Problem

I keep waiting for somebody to joke about a ménage à trois in the Netflix adaptation of Three Body Problem

Let me say how much I enjoyed the books and the Chinese TV show.

The Netflix version reminds me that, like Avatar, they're not afraid to change scenes up.

In this case the result seems a bit like Friends, but they're attractive physicists who argue about working for the military industrial complex and don't have threesomes!

Actually, I think it's obvious the American version has removed everything Chinese except the bits the Chinese originally buried in the book to appease censors.

In particular the scenes from the Cultural Revolution are foregrounded at the expense of detailing the character that starts an alien invasion.

The Panama scene was everything I hoped to see, but the opportunities to show phsicists grappling with questions of science has been diminished.

It's not surprising, they've shrunk 30 hours of the Chinese adaptation into eight hours for the Netflix version and ended up covering ground from the second book.

New art

The theme for the Leeton art competition this year is "dust and rain"

I find their themes irresistable and, unfortunately for me, there's was a change of plans while making my artwork and it ended up being disqualified from competition.

It's great to be part of the exhibition.