Cheese Supreme

I don't know why there are so many flavours of corn chip available because Dorito's Cheese Supreme is clearly the best. The blend of cheddar and onion with a hint of garlic and tomato is pretty hard to beat, although I would like to see more variety in the preparation of the corn chips.

They could probably try getting a fluffier finish but if they started adding seeds to the chip batter it could add a lot of interesting flavours and textures. Like a plain corn chip with cumin seeds could be good and I reckon poppy seeds or maybe mild pepper corns or maybe parsley flakes would work nicely with the aptly named Cheese Supreme.

The addition of seeds might also see corn chips overcome my biggest complaint about chips and that's how the flavour lasts such a short time. I have difficulty reconciling the high amount of energy in chips with the very brief amount of taste they provide.