Nettle beer with mugwort, yarrow and borage

Having bottled a recent brew, I was eager to begin another

A recent highlight had been a beer made with stinging nettles and ginger, so I was keen to experiment further with that weed -- which has had a bumper year in the Riverina.

My friend allowed me to collect nettle from her yard and I found there was also flowering yarrow and borage.

Added to these was the remainder of the nettle in my yard and also the mugwort I tipped, which will hopefully bush up and provide plenty of material for a future mugwort beer.

The experiment was adding a can of wheat malt and also a box of Cooper's brewing sugar, both of which I found on special recently.

I've read that stinging nettle tastes best when brewed with brown sugar, so hopefully it'll taste okay.

Original gravity is 10.38 and I'm expecting to pitch yeast around 26C.