Full moon dream

I've observed dreams are weird and this morning I had an interesting experience

The setting was an old family home from my childhood but I was holidaying there with my father and his current wife.

I was in the kitchen, checking on my homebrews and find many of the bottles were leaking gas.

My stepmother came home with a pet cat and I joked it was their child.

The cat began stumbling into the kitchen cupboards and my stepmother said "the child doesn't know it's asleep."

At this point I think I realised I was dreaming and, as usually happens, my conscious mind kicked in and I awoke.

It was early morning and I didn't think I'd get back to sleep, so I got up and started watching a movie.

Around the time of the full moon, I stopped the film to pee and started crying.

This was a sustained sobbing in the backyard under the moonlight.

I went for a walk and cried around the block.

Then I came home and wrote a series of haiku.

There were a variety of things going through my mind but I felt that I've turned a corner in my life.

I feel I've taken a large step away from my childhood as throughout my sobbing I felt surprised to hear my voice was that of an adult.

Later, while on Facebook, I was surprised to get a message from a burner who I see at Modifyre asking how the moon had been for me.

He's a lovely bloke and one who models a very different energy, a caring and calming kind, which seems to contrast with his big Maori presence.

I've been feeling quite emotional all day and thought I'd write this down so I can think on it again in the future.