This weekend we held the inaugural Sausagefest.

It came about because some weeks ago while shopping, my partner tried to dissuade me from buying more sausages because we already had some in the freezer.

My response was that we should buy more sausages so that we could compare and contrast the results.

In the past we've compared local pizzas and it's an interesting exercise that I've learned from when I was developing my taste for wine, although I drink less of that lately.

Today we ate five varieties, two were boiled and three were barbecued.

The result was surprising as usually some family members are reluctant to eat kangaroo and it was universally the favourite. The meat was lean and free from gristle, with little extra flavour despite being promoted as containing bush tomato.

In second place was the rook wurst, a Dutch-style hotdog. It was juicy and mild.

Third place was more hotly contested, as I liked the kransky and kids liked the chicken and my partner liked the Italian beef and pork.

A black pudding remains in the freezer and, although I'm curious to try it, no one else seemed very interested in experiencing it.