Send in the clowns... to the police!

Recycled picture of my youngest as Pennywise from It for illustration purposes only.

We had a guest last night, who commented on my onesie. I've been wearing it most days for the last few months because it's warm and feels nice. I made a comment about the looks I get when I forget I'm wearing it and go out in public.

Then I went for a walk around the block and overheard two women talking. The first was saying something about Muslims and a clown epidemic.

As I walked into view I heard the other say "speak of the devil" and then the first say "nah, that's a skeleton outfit but same difference."

Anyway, I didn't understand the context in which I was being compared to Muslims and clowns until I saw this story, which is one of a slew from cities around Australia about a trend for terrifying clown sightings.

Think I better switch to my Hello Kitty onesie. Then again, someone maybe might decide to follow Donald Trump's recently unearthed boast about grabbing felines.