Home Sweet Home

My friend Kimba has been asking about teenage years, specifically journals and songs. 

She's developed musical projects with this material and my recent enthusiasm for the ukulele coincided with her request.

This abridged version of 'Home Sweet Home' by Motley Crue isn't a song I thought changed my life until I pondered it today. It's a lesser known track of theirs as it came before the popularity of the album "Girls Girls Girls".

My sister Melanie introduced Motley Crue into our disjointed household in the mid 1980s. The album "Theatre of Pain" had the track 'Smoking in the Boys Room' and I remember thinking they were a cartoonish band back then, probably because of the film clip for that song.

It wasn't until I saw the film clip for 'Home' on the "uncensored" VHS tape that Mel bought that I appreciated the message about being in a band on the "long and winding road". Then the stadium rock of the drums made more sense in the ballad but I didn't get that line is a Beatles reference until reading the book The Dirt -- which explains their cover of 'Helter Skelter' on an earlier album now I think about it.

In that book Nikki Sixx reflects on the messages in the song and it's clear they reflect his upbringing. I guess that's how I now reflect on the song in changing my own life, because there were plenty of times when these lyrics came to me.