Mountford Park spirals

Leeton is a small town, so it seems like a weird coincidence to see a spiral design on a view of Mountford Park's walkway by another local artist.

I was surprised when this painting by Mackenzie Saddler appeared in my Facebook newsfeed the other night.

The text accompanying it paints a really beaut context:
I walked to the park and ran home in my head. At that moment of travel, I wished I were dead. But that all changed - when you enchanted me with your gaze. And you sent me into a rapid love haze. That bitter cold day became as warm as the sun. And this is the moment my eternity begun.

What surprised me was how much the view shared in common with this photo I took in the Park last year.

I haven't met Mackenzie, although we've exchanged messages and I recommended him to Leeton Public School for this mural on their canteen.