May I share Linda Kopilow

Here's some of my work for Western Riverina Arts, where I worked to raise the profile of local artists.

An exhibition by painter Linda Kopilow opens at The Roxy Gallery on Saturday 17 May.

Her work explores the subjectivity of perspective and follows an automatic approach to composition.

"It's all imaginary stuff. I just doodle until I see a concept," Ms Kopilow said.

"I don't sit down and think this is what I'm going to do. I just work with it and see it form."

Vibrant colours are a feature and many of the works show expressive use of shapes. Viewers are rewarded as they cast their eyes across contrasting shades and discover animals and other features lurking within the paintings.

"I love abstract," Linda Kopilow agreed. "I like more mysterious work, it's a challenge. I like the natural world and I'm into colour. I like experimenting."

The results are playful. "That's what I want, I want art to be fun. If it's not, forget it! I want to express in a fun way. I don't want to grow up!"