Hand-crafted model plough

Jeff Weigand taught at TAFE in Griffith for around two decades.

He was sent here from Sydney to teach construction skills after gaining experience as a foreman.

“My boss told me to pack up and move to Griffith in 1975. I said ‘where’s that?’ He said to get $200 from petty cash and to get going.”

Many people have moved to Griffith for work and some have traveled great distances, such as those migrant stories in the Italian Museum.

When Jeff’s father died in the early 2000s, this model plough came to Griffith.

A medallion from Shoalhaven Agricultural Show reveals the plough was awarded first prize in 1885, a result of the work of Jeff’s great grandfather Harry Weigand.

Harry established an Iron Foundry at Nowra and this handcrafted miniature plough is a testament to his skill in producing agricultural items.

I think this plough complements the many that are located around Griffith Pioneer Park Museum, as well as illustrating the migration of people to the region for employment.