Vanilla creme duo

While shopping at Woolworths recently, I think I must've made the mistake of shopping while hungry because I brought home a couple of packets of biscuits.

One was these Vanilla Creme Duo and they stood out because they were on special and had the words "Belgian chocolate".

If you know chocolate then you should know that the chocolate in Belgium is the "bomb". I use that word unadvisedly, both for positive emphasis and in somewhat bad taste after the bombings in Belgium.

The Vanilla Creme Duo are part of Woolworths "Gold" range, which is meant to convey a greater sense of quality than the "Homebrand" and "Select" brands. Personally I've found that both provide good quality, particularly the tea bags I buy.

First, a comment on the packaging. Normally I am suspicious of anything that uses spot varnish lettering, such as the word 'Gold' you can sort of see reflecting light on the packet above, and gold metallic inks like the "Belgian" stamp and Woolworths logo with the word "Select". Too often I've bought CDs with these kinds of gimmicks and concluded that it's overcompensating for the lackluster quality of the contents, however that hasn't been my experience with Woolworths products.

The emphasis on the Belgian origins is what caught my eye but I do wonder if it isn't a liability for a multinational supermarket chain who try to present themselves as Australian rather than South African. Then again, dinky di products like Vegemite have been owned by US-based Kraft for a long time now, maybe people don't care.

Anyway, let's talk about the biscuit. The while Belgian chocolate covers much of the product and provides and wonderfully smooth mouth-feel. There's enough that some people have described these biscuits as chocolates when I've shared them.

The biscuit itself is dry and not very sweet, which is a good thing. I really detest how sweet most Australian biscuits are, particularly Tim Tams. Like a Tim Tam, the Vanilla Creme Duo is coated in chocolate and has a faux cream layer wedged between two biscuits. This vanilla cream has a satisfyingly fragrant taste.

I've seen that there's a coffee-flavoured Creme Duo also available but what I'd really like to see are more daring fragrant flavours. Let me suggest rum, aniseed, passion fruit, cardamon or nutmeg.

In conclusion, let me recommend these biscuits if you feel like a treat. They are a quality experience and encourage me to look for more of Woolworths' "Gold" products -- particularly after the intoxicating ice cream I sampled.