This week I've been suffering a remarkable strain of influenza.

Normally I wouldn't blog about sickness but the series of symptoms has been something else. Since I've seen people post about pills they've taken or meals they've eaten, I thought I should share this experience.

Previously my family had been sick with this 'flu and I'd been surprised at the varying complaints. There were temperatures ranging from cold shivers to hot sweats, headaches but also sore legs. Sure enough, I found myself unable to sleep because of pain in my thighs early on in the week.

I've been gobbling painkillers at close to the maximum dosages all week and staying in bed. Although, the latter hasn't been difficult because the fatigue is such that I can't stay upright for more than a few hours.

There's also been a head cold and a nagging cough, which weren't too bad at first but now a vice-like headache means they trigger a fairly intense pain throughout my skull.

I'm looking forward to it being over but it's been a helluva ride.