Compare and contrast

I can't resist buying chocolate when it's heavily discounted

It was especially pleasing to see two varieties of sea salt caramel flavoured dark chocolate on special recently.

I love comparing and contrasting products.

The line "compare and contrast" first came to my attention in essay questions at school.

In more recent years I've learned the value of having two bottles of wine open, as it lets one evaluate their flavours against each other.

When I drank I'd start with a small glass of a cheap wine and it'd help me appreciate the following glass more fully.

When I eased up on wine and began drinking coffee again, I bought every brand of bean available and evaluated their merits before settling on a combination of two contrasting flavours.

A similar thing happened when I ate these dark chocolates.

First I had the Frey branded chocolate, noting the bitter and salt flavours -- particularly the lingering molasses-like liquorice taste.

Then I had the Lindt, enjoying the smooth mouth-feel and sweetness, as well as the burnt sugar toffee.

And, finally, I ate them both together and marvelled at how well they complemented each other.