Top 10: Solaris

Recently I was tagged on Facebook for one of those things where you post favourite albums

Another soundtrack album and another that reminds me of my son Oscar.

When Jo was pregnant we listened to the Solaris soundtrack a lot.

It’s one of those albums that could be described as ambient in the sense that Brian Eno proposed the term, as the music easily slips into the background to mingle unobtrusively with daily noise.

Or with volume it can do a good job of masking noise too.

I also had an idea that it was good music to be heard by unborn Oscar.

Years earlier I’d read a story that babies in a British maternity ward would fall silent to the sound of the Neighbours theme song, as they relaxed like their mothers had done while watching the TV show during pregnancy.

So, after Oscar was born, Jo and I continued to play the album daily.

It’d go on when he lay down for an afternoon nap but I was never convinced it had the Pavlovian effect I’d hoped to see.

However, I feel very relaxed when we hear Cliff Martinez’s Solaris soundtrack.

And Oscar might be old enough now to appreciate the film, which felt like 90 minutes of not-much-happening before a wonderful insight came into focus afterwards.