Finding God

Most of the religious instruction in my life has come from Quakers and I'm grateful for that

My grandparents helped established the Friends' meeting house in Canberra and I'd be taken there by my mother as a child.

The Quakers have an inward looking form of religious service, which seemed more like meditation to a kid obsessed with Japan.

It wasn't until I studied North American history in Year 12 that I appreciated their empowering notion of God residing within us, as well as why it was considered dangerous enough to be expelled from Britain.

In recent years I think I've moved from being an atheist to being a pantheist and opened myself to the idea there's a spiritual element aspect to life.

If the Quakers were represented in my regional community then I might consider attending service again.

I have many fond memories of hearing people moved to share their spiritual experiences each week.

Fortunately I have my partner Jo to share my observations of the divine.