Securing an open relationship

I’m noticing a theme in my reflective posts: they often start with the phrase “a friend posted on Facebook…”

It’s a statement that much of our interactions are undertaken in that highly-managed medium.

Obviously much of my reflection happens here and recently I’ve been pondering the increased interest in polygamy.

It’s surprising who likes the posts about open relationships that I share and I’m also surprised who shares posts of their own.

Yesterday a friend commented on how she’d decided an open relationship wasn’t for her while growing up with a view of her unhappy parents’ open relationship.

Now she’s just entered an open relationships and was explaining that polyamory isn’t the same as polygamy.

Her point was that being open to being more than a couple isn’t the same as being open to everything that could be a part of that relationship.

It brought to my mind recent conversations with my partner and how the notion of an open relationship isn’t a notion like open borders.

Our relationship is probably a bit more like I imagine it is in the European Union, where passports are checked prior to crossing boundaries.