Always was and always will be

This graffiti of the Australian Aboriginal Flag was one I noticed on the drive to Griffith some years ago. 

Then I noticed it had a cross like a gun sight put over it, then the letters.

It's located on the second of the three rises between Whitton and Griffith. Sometimes the grass has grown and it's hard to spot. I've misplaced it a few times.

I went looking for the spot to take this photo after meaning to stop for many years.

New flags appeared a couple of weeks ago.

This one at the turn to Griffith was cleaned off within a week.

Opposite the Cemetary is another flag.

Within a week it was defaced.

It seems significant to observe that this display of the Aboriginal Flag comes on the anniversary of the state of Victoria beginning treaty discussions with their first nations.

The phrase "always was and always will be" is frequently uttered during the 'Welcome to country' ceremonies, which are now a common part of many official functions.