ANU Bar memories

Just been enjoying revisiting my memories of the ANU Bar after reading Bree Winchester's piece.

There are quite a few experiences for me, as a volunteer photographer for BMA Magazine and sometime contributor to The Canberra Times during the '90s.

I remember meeting Nirvana backstage at their infamous Canberra show and regret not getting Kurt's guitar pick rather than one from Krist.

Also, I remember getting kicked out of the pit after photographing a hole in the Refectory ceiling that They Might Giants made with a cannon that shot confetti.

One more highlight was US band Fishbone and I hope you'll indulge this reminisce.

I was somewhat addled when I decided to talk my way into photographing their show and for some reason it was the only time I've seen the pit at the front of the stage closed at both ends.

Their tour manager had explained that after the usual "first three songs, no flash," I'd sneak across the stage when the lights dimmed.

As I climbed onstage in the dark and began to make my way to steps leading offstage, I found my path blocked by a dark figure.

The lights came back on and I saw it was a band member and Fishbone launched into their next song.

I looked around and saw the band were dancing, thought I'd better dance too.

Then the singer said something like "There's only one way off -- jump!" and I had my first experience of stage-diving.

A sea of hands rose up and carried me to the back of the audience and it was glorious.