Googling myself

Today I was googling myself trying to find a link from a couple of years ago. You know what? Google sucked.

The link sought was a remix by Ben in England. He records as Kelp and we've made a few remix chains together and he remixed one of my playground recordings. It was Restyn Park in Hanwood, which I'd offered after a Junto.

So I googled my music blog with the terms "Restyn" and "Kelp" and specified my site. It said there were no results and I noticed that the blog's URL gets an Australian "au" but Google's results don't.

This is quite frustrating for a search engine operator. Obviously they want to better categorise their data and having Blogger add the country suffix allows mapping, like Hello France.  But it'll then be skewed elsewhere, like when Marco shone a spotlight on my blog it shows up as "uk" -- actually, it doesn't. Anyway.

So I googled again with the same two terms and now just "" and there were some results but not the one I wanted.

In the end I went to my blog around the time of the Junto and looked in the next month to find it.

It did some weird that I was searching for specific keywords within a specific site and it couldn't find them. Particularly as they were words used in the URL of the page, as well as the heading.

Must be another of those mysteries of the internet. Thanks for sharing it with me.