Peckish no salt rice crackers

It's great to see that salt-free rice crackers are now available and, even better, they're from a brand who make nice biscuits too.

Rice crackers are a product that fascinate me. There are so many brands in the supermarket and, largely, they all vary in their texture as well as flavours. I don't know how these things are processed and cooked but it's clear that there are differences. At one end of the spectrum is the fluffy and somewhat sweet crackers made by Fantastic and, at the other end, is the brittle and sorta solid Vita-weat.

Peckish, who make the packet shown above, are closer to Sakata in their texture but additives like rice bran oil really distinguish them.

If Peckish are reading, let me reiterate how great I think it'd be to see a range of curry-flavoured crackers. I'm surprised no one has done this yet, given how excellent it would be to have a tomato-based vindaloo or madras with a hint of cardamon or coconut milk-infused korma or even a sweet butter chicken flavour. Or maybe actual fennel seeds in a rogan josh flavoured cracker. Or how about a papadum-style with chick peas? Or samosa flavour with tamarind like the dipping sauce?

There are soooo many options -- make it happen!