Level up

We're nearing the point of looking backward, so I thought I'd comment on a couple of things that changed for me in 2015.

In previous years I've felt somewhat dismissive about the funding of artists. It was an opinion that developed from conflict with people who felt their art was important because they got money from the government to make it.

I've never wanted to put myself in a position where something external to me determines the enjoyment I get from making music and the like, so I'd always taken the view that if I couldn't do it with the resources I had then I wouldn't do it.

Then, earlier this year, there was an opportunity to apply for funding for a project and that was successful. And, soon after, I was knocked back from attending a workshop and realised I could organise my own workshop if I sought funding.

This week I heard that this funding application to run the workshop in 2016 was successful, so I can see there's been a significant change in my attitude towards funding.

I think it's important since I will be looking to develop more funded projects through my role at Pioneer Park, which was another significant development for me this year.