Raptures with raptors

Above is a song I wrote last year. It was a bassline I developed after trying to figure out a synth line for a pop song.

When I recorded it for a Naviar Haiku project, I added the Replicant 'four bar repeat' preset and it became a different composition.

Then I remixed the result for another haiku project, leading to a dancier track with synth parts.

More recently I thought it would be interesting to try playing it live in a single-take recording. When the Disquiet Junto set a suitable project, I had a go and was disappointed with the result.

So I tried again with a jammier sorta approach, using the Jam Man pedal -- which simplified the riff.

It's interesting to see the evolution of this riff because I haven't used the original composition yet. I should go back and see what other directions it can go.