Oscar sings

My son Oscar is crazy for video games. He loves playing them, he loves watching other people play them and he loves learning about them. I bought a Nintendo Game Cube when he was two and it's been a big part of his life since.

Today he had a 'mental health day' where I let him stay home from school so we could spend time together. I asked what he'd like to do and, after rejecting playing video games, Occy suggested recording video game themes in the style of Smooth McGroove.

Above is Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time, which is one of the Zelda games. It's the second track he recorded today.

The first song Oscar wanted to record was the Sanctuary Boss theme from Earthbound. We've been talking about this game recently after I mentioned that Hirokazu Tanaka was visiting Melbourne soon. It turned out that Oscar is a massive fan of Tanaka and asked me to pursue an interview for Cyclic Defrost. However, Tanaka-san doesn't speak English and my Japanese won't get us very far, so it's not likely happening. Hopefully Good Game will talk with him.

Below is the version of the song that Oscar covered. I'm curious to hear more music by Tanaka as Occy tells me he has a musical signature in his work.