Federal Government Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

The Australian Government is currently seeking comment on a proposal to tackle online copyright infringement and is inviting public submissions on the paper.

Below is my submission and I encourage you to email your own to copyrightconsultation@ag.gov.au


The proposal to force ISPs to bear responsibility for copyright infringements is ridiculous and will add unnecessary cost to their services.

Rather than attempt to curb downloading of such material, the Australian Government should look more closely at the reasons why consumers feel the need to engage in this activity.

It seems to me the monopoly of content is one example in which the current market is not responding to the needs of consumers. The popularity of US television shows that are distributed solely through Foxtel, rather than being made available concurrently on alternate services such as iTunes is an obvious example.

The extent of downloading within Australia means that you would not be recognising the interests of citizens in pursuing your proposed actions.

Please look for solutions that make it easier for people to access the content they seek.