Death of blogging

Just been clicking on the 'Next Blog' button at the top of this page and, after looking into the lives of a dozen and a half strangers from around the world, I'm led to conclude that blogging is becoming extinct.

None of the blogs I've seen have been updated in 2014. Many seemed to stop around 2011 or 2012.

I'd guess Facebook took over for many and it makes sense. If you're sharing pics of your kids or reflecting on your days, your audience is likely to be friends and family. Facebook's newsfeed makes it easier to reach those people.

It's interesting that the trajectory of online publishing has gone from building your own HTML website to WYSIWYG interfaces (like here on Blogger) to Web 2.0 platforms like MySpace (with some options to personalise your site) to Facebook (with little option to personalise). This process has gained greater audiences through reducing the skills required to publish. It's kinda hegemonic in showing the concessions required for the power of self-publishing online to reach the masses.

However, if you're like Garnet Syberg-Olsen -- whose 'Slacker' sketch I've purloined for this post -- a blog is a great way to reach an audience beyond friends and family. Garnet's work is pretty cool and I've enjoyed seeing it, which probably wouldn't have happened on Facebook.

P.S. Seems I should've clicked 'Next Blog' a few more times as I've found Captain Orange's blog, which has many beaut photos and was updated in the last week.