April Fools Day

April Fools Day usually springs late for Australians online. Due to time differences we don't see many of the jokes until later in the day.

But Gmail seem to be in-sync with Antipodeans in offering the "Gmail Shelfie" -- which doesn't have anything to do with my shelfie last week.

Soundcloud had a good April Fools Day joke last year.

My favourite April Fools Day joke today comes from Jands, a distributor for sound and lighting equipment, who are highlighting (!) a potential grab for the light spectrum by the Australian Government.
Documents leaked to the media suggest initial tests proved the system is viable and capable of delivering data payloads many times greater than current radio technology. One problem highlighted in the reports was interference from traditional lighting fixtures.

It plays on moves by the Government to reclaim broadcast spectrum used by products like wireless microphones, a topic where there was some positive news recently with the current Communications Minister meeting with representatives from ACETA,

And here's one from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, with more listed at this news story.

P.S. Hats off to the forethought and planning undertaken by this person.