Black leather jacket

Last week I had a few minutes to kill on the main street of town and went into St Vinnies.

There was a black leather jacket that wasn't too daggy and I've been looking for one in secondhand stores for years. At first glance I knew it wasn't my size and, I was just about to walk away disappointed that I'm yet to find a black leather jacket for me, then I remembered my son could use a decent coat.

So I bought it and took it home and it was a little big for my nearly 10-year old but he hasn't stopped wearing it for days. On a a few nights I've had to make sure he wasn't going to sleep in it.

I'd joked to the staff at Vinnies that it had a good style that wasn't too dated and that I hoped it'd give my eldest some style. He's commented a couple of times that wearing it makes him feel cool.

Seeing him in an old leather jacket reminded me of the leather jacket I bought secondhand from an opp shop decades ago. As I looked at him I began to see how he might look a bit older and then I couldn't help but see myself, so it was probably all projection.