Five Leeton pizzas

As a family exercise we bought the same pizza from five different shops to compare the state of Leeton's takeaway food market. This was instigated as a way of demonstrating that Eagles Boys are not "the best pizza ever" but they do remain incredible value, especially on a Tuesday night.

We unanimously agreed that Da Goodfellas make the best pizza in Leeton (based on the specified toppings) and they also make the largest by diameter. It really was an amazing pizza and a revelation of what this humble fast food staple can achieve. Wish I had been able to get a pic showing that for $17 you can get either the largest or smallest 'large' pizza in town.

To conclude, we found you do get what you pay for. The quality of the ingredients went up with prices but it was also clear that Benvenuti enjoy a strong brand that allows them to sell smaller offerings at a premium. The night we ordered from there may have been a difficult one for them because I thought their pizza suffered from being overcooked.

$17 - Benvenuti

$17 - Da Goodfellas

$7 - Eagle Boys (Tuesday night special)

$15 - Mick's Pizza

$13.50 - Leeton Pizza and Pancake House