Funny business names

Previously I've entertained my loves of text and bad marketing ideas on this blog, so I thought I'd add a couple of Leeton business names that have recently amused me.

 Sadly I missed sharing the ad for "The Hairy Corner's opening" that appeared in the local paper last year.

I've been childishly giggling at the name ever since and considered making a prank call to see if they can offer me a hairy corner sometime. It wouldn't need to be big, in fact smaller is often better.

Kaka Pie is another business name that would've benefited from market research using even a small focus group.

In Greek the word 'caca' (which uses the hard c sound, like a k) means poo, so it was with some trepidation that I tried a kaka pie. It's basically a large flat-ish dumpling and tasty enough.