Playing beat-y bo'

A busy week remixing has been capped off with two remixes of a dubstep tune, after yesterday's wristwatch remix went in that direction.

This first track didn't feel dubstep enough, but then the follow-up felt too dubstep.

Anyway, it's fun finding how much of a different spin you can put on a collection of samples.

This next track is a sample of a wristwatch ticking, which I recorded for a Disquiet Junto project.

A wristwatch sample was then used to make sounds resembling kick drum, percussion and a bassline through using a chain of effects. These were quickly arranged for the following track.

And another remix was my JBroid Pink Death Coronial Inquest mix, bringing a total of four remixes this week. The week before I made two remixes, so that's quite an improvement -- in quantity, anyway.