Thought crimes is a fascinating blog because it presents a somewhat paranoid and challenging view of the issues facing the world. It's great for a bit of balance considering that most of the media we encounter is rarely more than a beat-up to sell advertising.

The giant corporations that are stripping the earth bare and dispossessing local subsistence economies the world over can’t function without two things: computers and electricity. Those two things are like the central nervous system and the blood flow of corporate power. And that’s where they’re vulnerable. These networks could be disrupted manually or through computer hacking. But anyone who wanted to attempt this would have to approach it like a war, like a serious resistance movement.

The post on there today could probably be argued to be an incitement to terrorism but the underlying theme that a food shortage could happen is the real message and it's one worth considering. I was surprised when I was at the park with the kids that an old Italian lady we talked to said we should ensure our kids learn to grow their own food because she had lived through shortages in her life.