Teasing out terminology

The other day I was reading The Daily Advertiser and admiring the word play in the headline for this article about a "hooker" on drug dealing charges because, as I may have written elsewhere, I'm a slut for word play.

The story of self-described "prostitute" Carli Kreyts using social media to sneer at police seemed a confluence of sex, crime and attitude of a kind that engages readers in a manner that may sometimes be dismissed as 'clickbait' -- particularly since Lavington is nearly two hours away from Wagga.

Then something interesting happened on Facebook, as women accused the newspaper of slut-shaming and argued the term "prostitute" is derogatory. It got a little heated as language implied the staff at the newspaper were less than professional.

However, to their credit, The Daily Advertiser changed the terms throughout the article aside from the quote that's purportedly from Kreyts.

I'm now curious to see whether an editorial from The Daily Advertiser reflects on this distinction between "prostitute" and "sex worker" although they have removed the Facebook thread where the discussion occurred.

It's a shame that debate has gone as it illustrated why "sex worker" is a preferred term, particularly as some respondents demonstrated negative attitudes toward the 'oldest profession'.